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Also hey commission for Mia!!

And I shall treasure this forever and always!~ <3


Also hey commission for Mia!!

And I shall treasure this forever and always!~ <3


Oh, dear— It looks like I’ll have to explain myself for the absence—

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Can we please stop stealing people’s art without their consent?

Especially Japanese artists?

Because believe or not, when you take a dojinka’s art and post it somewhere else without permission, not only will you make them very sad (not to mention angry) when they find out, but you could cause them some serious legal problems as well. 

I am not lying. Artists are in danger of losing everything they have if distribution of their parody work gets out of hand and the original publishing company gets wind of it (and decides to prosecute). Quite a few artists have already had their lives pretty much ruined because of the thoughtless actions of irresponsible western fans.

The reason why the dojinshi industry and sites like pixiv are even allowed to exist is because of the implicit understanding that artists who make parodies will control and limit the circulation of their digital artwork, and that printed dojinshi will only be made available to a limited audience. When you take an artist’s work and upload it somewhere else, you are taking away that control, and putting them at risk

Re-posting art without the artist’s explicit permission is not okay. Adding a source does not get you off the hook either. Neither does not adding a source at all, or saying you don’t know the artist. You took something without permission, and that means you stole it. Reblogging and liking such posts only gives re-posters the incentive to steal even more art - making the situation worse for the artist. For the love of god, have the decency to respect the rights of other human beings.

Still not convinced? Then let me take an example of an artist I’m sure you’re all familiar with: emi (of the 10-RANKAI circle).

Thousands of western fans have constantly been stealing her art for years. As a result, not only she has changed her website url multiple times, but has now renamed her circle in an effort to shake off the so-called fans who keep going against her wishes and stealing her work.

Unfortunately, her new url has already been found, and her gallery has been plundered of its copyrighted content. And it seems that re-posters can’t read, because they clearly don’t heed what she says on her site; in FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, including plain English:



There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to disrespect the wishes of artists like her in this manner. If this continues, she will no doubt block foreign servers from accessing her site, or perhaps even stop sharing her work with others altogether. I’ve seen this happen to so many other artists who couldn’t take this abuse before. 

But pixiv artists don’t say they don’t allow re-uploads on their profiles.

That’s because it’s already prohibited in the terms of use, and they don’t feel the need to repeat it. You can even find it on the help page:


This art theft has gotten so fucking bad, a flipping union has been formed to try and protect amateur artists’ rights. I shit you not (and by the way, emi happens to be a member).

But where will I get my fanart?

You’re free to browse artist’s galleries, save art to your hard drive, and enjoy them at your leisure. Just don’t upload the art. It’s not yours. You have no right. 

But I wanna share awesome pixiv art with my friends.

Then link them to it without re-uploading the damn image. It’s not hard.

But I wanna share art on my online communities.

There are many wonderful artists with tumblr accounts. Look for them, enjoy their work, reblog from them. Your support will inspire them to create more, and encourage other artists to come in (I can’t tell you how many times a tumblr artist has said they won’t make art for this fandom because there are too many unscrupulous art thieves in it).

Quite a few Japanese artists are here too (a popular Korean narusasu artist um-mmma gets their art stolen all the time, yet they’re already on tumblr). You could always learn to draw as well. You might turn out to be good at it. It’s fulfilling to make your own fanwork (and it’ll also help you appreciate the feelings of other creators). If you can’t, you can always just ask artists if you can share their stuff. 

But I don’t know Japanese!

Most pixiv artists have a basic grasp of English. Keep your sentences simple and they can manage. You can always make use of Google translate, and you could also use these templates. It’s not hard, and artists really appreciate it. Why give them headaches when you can make their day?

I asked the artist and they refused/I got no reply.

If the artist hasn’t replied, then do not re-post. If they say no, do not re-post. Ever.

Can’t we be more creative as a fandom and not get by through stealing? Is that how we’re going to support our pairing? Through plagiarism? Are we gonna keep appreciating dreadful thief blogs like sasunaruyaoigirl? Are we that desperate to get notes? Are we gonna keep abusing these artist until pixiv blocks out all foreign access? Tbh, our pairing tags are a fucking eyesore, far worse than almost any other Naruto pairing I’ve ever seen. We’re better than this. It’s possible (not to mention easy) to run a fandom blog without snatching art from somebody else.


Educate yo’self with these materials (x) (x).

Good night!


Gramercy Twill Skinny


Check out our fashion Pick of the Day!

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(I could NOT resist considering how much Ed loves his piercings...) "A few holes in the head give the madness more space."



(( Oh dear goodness— xD ))


"And makes you more prone to flying, attracted magnets. Seriously, Ed, you’re gonna be a living Iron Man if you keep getting those piercings of yours!"

Once parked properly back in his seat and after dodging her attempts to silence him, Ed put his chin in his hands and grinned more at her. “Well you know I’d be more than happy to take ya with me to see my piercing guy. If nothin’ else he’s great to look at, not that I’d ever get anywhere with him. You on the other hand…” he trailed off, letting the grin on his face slip easily into devilishly toothy from it’s more goofy counterpart. Ed knew he was probably about two seconds from some form of physical retribution but he didn’t care, it was worth it. Besides, he and his big mouth had a reputation to uphold didn’t they?

Casually, he sat back in the chair, still keeping his gaze on her as he put his hands behind his head to rest against them. “Tea and juice Ter? You’re no fun,” he laughed. “But I think you’d know my choice with those options, always the orange juice, always. But seriously, you know I’d do damn well as a porn star. I know I showed you those proof shots from the underwear shoot I did last week. There’s no way in hell you can sit there and tell me I wouldn’t do well in the porn industry too…”

Don’t even try it. I already have my ears pierced, and that’s good enough for me.” Her voice suddenly firm as she poked at his forehead with the offending index finger. Maybe she was a little desperate to find a man, but that didn’t mean right away! Though, if Ed said that the guy was a good looker, then… No way! Not yet, that Elric jerky-jerk. “You’re lucky I haven’t tried pulling out your eyebrow piercing by force. That’ll teach you.”

Grinning devilishly, she nodded her head as she stood up to head to the fridge, grabbing two glasses along the way. She enjoyed hearing victory, even if it wasn’t completely directional. “I know, I know. I got your special orange juice in here. Do you want ice in your glass, too?” Of course, he brought up the porn topic, and she rolled her eyes with a dramatic sigh. “Yes, I remember those proof shots, and I already told you that I’d be all over you if I didn’t know you as well as I do now, but that doesn’t give you indirect permission to start becoming a porn star. That’d be crazy!”

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"Awe, Ed! I didn't know that's how you'd feel about me.~ ...What exactly did you do? Are you in trouble or something?" Needless to say, Teresa felt pretty touched, but also a little suspicious. He normally never admitted such nice things about her. (( Awe~ Well, I can tell that Teresa is touched by his admission to missing her. She missed him too after all-- ))




"No, I’m not in… trouble. Where did you get that idea from?" Ed smacked his head with the palm of his hand. People always assumed he was in trouble for something. "And don’t go makin a big deal about it, okay. You’re a cool lady and hangin out with you is nice…"


"I’m not that hard to deal with, am I?” Ed scowled, trying to cover over his embarrassment. “And… good cause it would’ve been really fuckin awkward if you hadn’t. Glad ‘m not the only one felt that way.”

"Sometimes, but that’s just normal, so don’t worry about it," Teresa beamed, and laughed at his scowling before her smile turned soft. He could be such a cutie sometimes…when he wasn’t a pain in her ass. "And I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one, too. How about we go get something to drink? Non-alcoholic, of course."

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“I was being such a fool.”




"You’re just now realizing this?"


"All out of love, dear. Fine, what’s wrong?”


Don’t pull that dear crap with me like you’re my boo or whatever—

"—And it’s just one of those crappy days. Got told off by a customer because of my gender, I told him to fuck off because of his stereotyping, he takes it as verbal abuse, and calls me a series of names that I’d rather not say. I don’t feel like going into details, but it’s put a damper on my mood."

"And one thing lead to another, but we can leave that detail out, too. Okay?"

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"Do you feel the need to lie about everything?"


"…I’m sorry. I suppose it’s all I’ve been doing lately." And until I can heal myself, it’s all I can do.

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Lying [Starter Sentences] "Do you ever stop lying?"
"Do you feel the need to lie about everything?"
"Every thing with you is just a constant stream of lies."
"For once in your life, tell the truth."
"How do you expect me to trust you when everything you say turns out to be a lie?"
"Stop lying to me!"
"Tell me the truth. Now."
"Why are you lying?"
"Why don't you ever tell the truth?"
"You're lying to me."
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“I was being such a fool.”



"You’re just now realizing this?"

Wow, asshole, thanks a lot. I was expecting a little more compassion here. Like a ‘hey, don’t say that’ or maybe ‘Do you wanna talk about it?’. Way to be Mister Blunt, there.”